Programm / Program

10. Forum Ostasiatische Kunstgeschichte


 Universität Zürich, Rämistrasse 71, Room KOL-H-317


Freitag, 17. Juni 2022 


09:00–09:15 Begrüßung | Welcome Address 

Prof. Dr. Hans B. Thomsen


09:15–12:45 Panel 1: Representation and Transcultural Interactions in the 20th Century

Chair: Isabelle Leemann

Moderators: Anna Herren, Natasha Fischer-Vaidya


International Aspiration and Nationalist Struggle in Postwar Japanese Art, with a Focus on Okada Kenzō and Kawabata Minoru

Kimihiko Nakamura 


Looking to “the East” in Postwar American Abstract Painting

Hanyang Zhong 



Transcultural Tibetan Modern Art – A specific focus on Han artists’ Art Practices and the Indigenous Response

Yuechen Wang 


(10:45–11:15 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break)   


The Empire at Home: Japanese Imperialism and Colonised Korea in a Swiss Picture Postcard Collection

Rebeca Gómez Morilla 


Carriers of Traditions: Japanese Representations of Manchurian Women during the Interwar Period

Ziwei Huang 


12:15–12:45 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion  


12:45–14:00 Mittagspause | Lunch Break    


14:00–15:30 Panel 2: Art across Borders

Chair: Natasha Fischer-Vaidya

Moderator: Denise Gubitosi


Japanese woodblock print artists on commission: Nikuhitsu ukiyo-e as exhibition art and diplomatic gifts

Freya Terryn


Art Made between Cultures: Chinese Export Art on Pith Paper  

Dahi Jung


Between Westernization, Japanization and Self (Re)-Presentation: The Assessment of Art during the Era of Park Chung-hee, 1961-1979

Maria Sobotka  


15:30–16:00 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion  


16:00–16:30 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break    


16:30–17:30 Stand des Gebietes | State of the Field Presentations    


17:45–18:45 Keynote Vortrag | Lecture (join also online via Zoom)

Aufzeichnungen von Reisen: Medium, Format und Prozess in der Malerei von Huang Binhong

Prof. Dr. Juliane Noth (Freie Universität Berlin)



Samstag, 18. Juni 2022 


09:00–11:45 Panel 3: Religion, Court and Concepts of the Divine

Chair: Natasha Fischer-Vaidya

Moderators: Dahi Jung, Piaopiao Yang


Die weibliche Figur in der Querrolle “Achtzehn Luohan” von Zhang Xukun (aktiv Anfang des 18. Jahrhunderts)

Yue Kuang  


Kōdaiji-Lacke im Kontext der Religiosität der Momoyama-Zeit (1568-1615)

Anna-Luise Biernatzki  


The Ritual Use of Kasuga Mandara 

Margó Krewinkel


(10:30–11:00 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break)


Buddhist Statues in Qinghai's Qutansi: Inscribed Patterns of Interaction between Ming China and Eastern Tibet, 1393-1435

Scarlett He


Color Speaks: An Examination of the Blue and Green Colors in Guo Wentong’s Red Cliffs 

Hui Fang


12:00–12:30 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion    


12:30–13:30 Mittagspause | Lunch Break      


13:30–15:00 Panel 4: Market and Stage in Japanese Prints

Chair & Moderator: Katharina Rode 


Katsukawa Shunshōs (1726–1793) Nishiki hyakunin isshu azuma-ori (1775)

Tobias Eckmann


Osaka actor prints and their commercial exploits 

Spyridon Triantis  


14:30–15:00 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion    


15:00–15:30 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break    


15:30–17:30 Panel 5: Representing Nature and the Self in Chinese Painting

Chair: Piaopiao Yang | Moderator: Monica Klasing Chen


Remembering the Family: Local Memories in the Landscape Paintings of Fa Ruozhen (1613-1696)

Henning von Mirbach 


Pictorializing Persona in 19th-Century Chinese Biography Landscape from Jiangnan: Intertextual Remodelling, Retelling, and Reshaping Individuality

Jennifer Chang


The Rise and Development of Orchid Painting in the Southern Song China (1127-1279):Based on the Works by Ma Lin and Zhao Mengjian

Qian Zhan


17:00–17:30 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion  


17:45–18:45 Keynote Vortrag | Lecture (join also online via Zoom)

Zhang Taijie and James Cahill: Forgery and Counterforgery in Chinese Art

Prof. Dr. J. P. Park (University of Oxford)



Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiches Erscheinen! 

We look forward to seeing you there!